Hello!, and Welcome to LMCECompatible where you can buy hardware tested with LinuxMCE 0810 and 1004 software

0810 Hybrid core/media director (barebones)  799.99 USD
B1 Budget Maker 0810 Hybrid core/media director (barebones)  599.99 USD
Vera3  249.99 USD
Mini-Itx Power House 0810 Hybrid core/media director (barebones)  799.99 USD
Aeon Labs Z-Wave Interface EU  59.99 USD
Aeon Labs Z-Wave Interface AU/NZ  59.99 USD
Minimote EU  69.99 USD
Minimote AU/NZ  69.99 USD
Aeon-Labs Aeotec Z-Wave Interface  49.99 USD
Aeon-Labs Aeotec Minimote  59.99 USD
PadOrbiter  149.99 USD
Xantech 286M  12.99 USD
Xantech 781ERGPS  14.99 USD
Xantech 78944  44.99 USD

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